To achieve its mission and deliver outcomes for the Australian community and economy, the ASA100’s work program includes six broad objectives comprising:


  • To develop a unified brand for the Australian agriculture sector that will contribute to greater brand recognition and export sales of Australian products

Non-tariff Barrier Removal

  • To use the combined leverage of ASA 100 members to seek to:
    • Facilitate the removal, or streamlining, of non-tariff barriers to improve Chinese market access
    • Increase Australian businesses’ understanding of non-tariff barriers to make them easier to navigate
    • Increase Chinese businesses’ and regulators’ awareness of Australian quality assurance processes

Food Safety & Supply Chain Programs

  • To develop and implement robust integrity systems to ensure the highest quality of agriculture and food products exported to China reaches consumers in the way it is intended
  • To increase bilateral understanding of Australian and Chinese food safety processes, regulations and distribution channels and networks

Agricultural Infrastructure

  • To promote the need for infrastructure investment to expand production and exports
  • To promote the prioritisation of investment towards infrastructure projects which will the effect of increasing exports to China

Relationship Building

  • To build a network of influential stakeholders across the agriculture and food manufacturing sectors to facilitate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between Australian and Chinese members of the ASA100, fostered on themes of recognition, co-operation and collaboration

Capability Development

  • To drive recognition of Australia’s global best practices and expertise in the agriculture and food manufacturing sector and to develop opportunities to export those practices and expertise or partner with inbound Chinese investors