ASA100 China forms its Executive Board

Launch of ASA100 China’s Executive Board


The ASA100 Australia Advisory Board is proud announce the inauguration of its mirror partner organisation, the ASA100 China Executive Board.


The ASA100 China Executive Board held its first meeting and a gala Lunar New Year Dinner in Beijing on 19 January 2017. This was hosted by ASA100 China Chairman, Mr Liu Yonghao, of the New Hope Group. The meeting included senior business leaders with interests across the food and agribusiness sector in both private enterprise and State-owned enterprise. Members of the Executive Board include Joyvio Group (diversified agriculture), Shenzhen Donghuatong Group (food distribution), Guangdong Sitong Group (machinery and equipment manufacturer), Beijing Er Shang Group (food manufacture), Yili Group (dairy), China Resources Group (food and beverage production/distribution), Landbridge Group (logistics), Huiyuan Group (juice manufacturer) and China Finance Think Tank.


Other groups including Alibaba (e-commerce), (e-commerce) and COFCO (diversified agriculture) have also been invited to join the Executive Board, but senior representatives were unable to attend the meeting on 19 January.


Also in attendance were:

  • Australia’s former Minister for Trade and Investment, the Hon. Andrew Robb AO, who made a speech at the event in relation to the opportunities that exist for Australia and China in the food and agriculture sector; and
  • Australia’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Ms. Jan Adams AO, PSM.


We are delighted to inform you that Mr. Robb has agreed to serve as a Senior Adviser to the ASA100 China Executive Board. Mr. Robb played a significant role in negotiating the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) and his contribution to the bilateral relationship between Australia and China under the ASA100 bilateral objectives will be invaluable.


Ambassador Adams’ attendance is demonstrative of the commitment to the ASA100. Ambassador Adams was accompanied to the event by other key representatives from the Australian Embassy and Austrade.


The heart of our ASA100 initiative, and indeed our relationship with China in general, is to ensure that Australia can be a key supplier of safe, reliable, premium agricultural and food products to China. We are delighted that through Chairman Liu’s leadership we now also have a highly credentialed Executive Board in place to drive our bilateral initiatives.


Some photos from the event have been included in this update.